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Many experts have offered varying explanations for the ongoing “Great Resignation” of 2021, but one thing several of them agree on is that it’s likely to continue for some time. Seeing an opportunity to court unemployed potential clients looking to start new ventures, ENTRE Institute, a Las Vegas-based web platform for marketing and business education, has announced a “virtual incubator” to train new entrepreneurs with curriculum materials, live instruction and other online resources.

According to a news release this week, ENTRE Unlimited is an expansion of the company’s platform that will offer access to hundreds of hours of curriculum across four “paths” based on major business models, including agency business, knowledge business, referral business and sales professionals. It also includes unlimited weekly live instruction from industry experts, an entrepreneurial assessment tool for building customized courses, a competency-based mastery ranking system to determine a student’s knowledge, and a rotating master class taught by guest instructors, among other things.

The news release said the launch of ENTRE Unlimited comes after two years of consultation with experts, curriculum designers and ed-tech specialists.

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