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Entrepreneurship can be described as a journey full of struggles, sacrifices, disappointments, and overwhelming moments. Your dream to see your idea turn into a successful business requires passion, dedication, and perseverance with which all the hurdles can be overcome! A person running a business should have faith in themselves as well as a trusted mentor to guide them. Such a mentor for countless business owners has been MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship since its inception in 2013. Now they are introducing the Entrepreneurial Development & Growth Elevation Program (EDGE Program), a course designed for entrepreneurs struggling with their business and individuals taking over their family business.

The EDGE Program is a month-long intensive course for entrepreneurs running a business for a few years and individuals taking over their family business. It equips all the students with essential business skills to develop innovative solutions and build a strong foundation for their business to expand on. Conducted by MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship, the EDGE Program would be a residential course on the pristine campus of MIDAS at Keshav Nagar, Pune. It can be viewed as a learning break from the rush of running a business and starting afresh. Learning from the coaches, who are entrepreneurs themselves and provide first-hand valuable business insights, will act as a catalyst for the growth of your business. The network you can build among your peers will help you in some way or the other.

MIDAS has trained more than 500 entrepreneurs and generated over 10000 business ideas. The brainchild of Professor Parag Shah, the MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship, seeks to nurture India’s next generation of industry leaders and render them all the guidance necessary to effectively utilize their creativity and innovative nature. Professor Shah believes that some of the world’s most crucial problems can be resolved through the directed application of entrepreneurship and ethical business practices.

The course is divided into three modules – Business Mastery, Real-Time Strategy and Behavioral Intelligence. The first module consists of business fundamentals like leadership, talent management and retention alongside essential business concepts like design thinking. The second module comprises all the practical skills that any business owner would need to navigate tricky situations. It shall involve financial intelligence, power and politics and negotiation skills. The last module turns the course inwards and encourages the participants to analyze their strengths and dreams and helps them achieve them.

Register at once for this one-month intensive course, which ensures a comprehensive approach to business education. Click here to register .

Participants are offered an excellent opportunity to network with the local business community under the guidance of the best trainers in their field. EDGE mentors are highly experienced in their field and have been successfully running their startups as serial entrepreneurs. An experienced corps of coaches alongside the tradition of MIDAS as a place of excellence and innovation makes EDGE the perfect program for any entrepreneur that wants to be more than a run-of-the-mill businessman.

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