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‘Socially disadvantaged youth need to equip themselves with those skills and utilise the opportunities’

The Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP), Andhra University, organised a lecture session on ‘Entrepreneurship skills among the Socially Disadvantaged Youth in India’ on Monday.

Delivering the inaugural lecture, AU Rector Samatha said that entrepreneurship skills are essential for the success of any business venture and the socially disadvantaged youth need to equip themselves with those skills and utilise the opportunities. She said that the socially disadvantaged youth have more issues, such as unemployment, lack of proper skills and education, live in extremely complex environments and have major gaps in financial and human capital.

She observed that there is an element of risk associated with entrepreneurship, but the youth must take advantage of the governmental schemes and obtain finances from institutional lenders by exploring the profitability and by choosing the right ventures.

P. Subba Rao, Director, CSSEIP, said that there is a need to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among the socially disadvantaged youth, which would also help in national development. He said that there are several opportunities for undertaking businesses for the youth. He also spoke about how small entrepreneurs were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A. Chandra Mohan, Head of the Department of Management and Dean, School of Commerce and Business Management, Central University of Tamil Nadu, said that entrepreneurship was to be seen as a means to encourage the youth and their talents and skills must be explored to cash their business acumen.

He stressed on the importance of communication skills, leadership skills and motivation.

P. Rajendra Karmakar, Principal, College of Arts and Commerce, Andhra University, spoke.

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